trek in morocco

trekking in morocco

Trekking holiday in morocco

We are a family local agency. Composed of experienced guides, true professionals with extensive experience, led by the values ​​of authenticity, sharing and conviviality. Our team will make you discover with passion and safely treasures Atlas of Morocco as you wish. Their knowledge of the natural environment and local culture will ensure a perfect immersion in the heart of the wealth and diversity of its regions.

Morocco has some of the best trekking in the world, to and around several of the world’s highest mountains, including Toubkal. Many people visit the country just to trek and the tourism industry is well prepared to facilitate all manner of trekking styles and destinations.

You discover smooth the hidden life of the people in all facets Atlas Mountains.

The unruffled world of the mountain Berber tribes is remote and only recently open to visitors but this has helped to keep the people unaffected by western influences. Shepherds still lead their flocks on the mountainside, women still gather at the village wells, mule trails still carry walnuts to the weekly souks and mountain kasbahs perch on defensive spurs.

Route options

The Atlas Mountains from one of the word’s great trekking ranges. Here one finds diversity and challenge, beauty and adventure. But the rout you decide to pursue will depend on a number of factors:

The season and your level of fitness will affect your choice; so, too, will your particular reasons for visiting the Atlas. If you want to reach the roof of North Africa, make for Toubkal; if you want to drink tea in an ancient Berber village go to M’Goun or to go trekking in the Desert.

Trekking hoping to find solitude will meet few other travellers on the ascent to Jebel Sirwa while the sahro region.

Planning your route
Decide what you hope to get your Atlas trek and plan a route accordingly. Don’t try to pack in too much; the most memorable treks are those taken slowly enough to enjoy fully the environment through which one is walking.

**high atlas trek villages

trekking in atlas mountains

trek in morocco**

Seasoned walkers sports or simple, large or small, with friends or family, alone or in a group, we will always welcome you with smiles and professionalism.

Contact Asociation of trekking in morocco;

Village Armed – Asni 42152 Province AL Haouz – MARRAKECH – MAROC

– Tél Portable 00 212 638 629 057

– E-mail :


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